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Author Topic: PRO CAMPION GUIDE  (Read 408 times)
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« on: February 04, 2010, 06:35:37 pm »

Zerker Champion:For The Cool Champs

Summery: You look up surrounded, a voy conching, a cruz slahses, and a sharp shooter sealed you, your party members have all fallen leveing you alone to fight you go into bezerk (your best friend sence you were only lv 20) and slahs the ss falling to the ground just as you turn to prime the voy who has started runing snece he saw the mess you left the sharp shooter  in.   then you slash him the voy falls to the floor the cruz  stelths up, knowing his 1.5k max can break your defence you sit and enter your con mode  then you stand to lure him. He falls for it, he stuns you and meles you down to  about 1/2 of your origional helth now you have to watch it knowing that he can stun you again soon you act quick and swich to agi mode and zerk up slahshing him he stelths as you howl.  Thinking that he can still win (with luck) he stuns you again you wait for him to have his fun and slash him done you have defeted all your oponents.!!!^.^

The reson for this is because you can tank just as many other champís can reaching 1k def easly if you use colosis gems
And the second reson is because you gave up some str to stray to agi so that you can reach 140 (or 210) atk speed  and slash like a monster!!
Equptment: you will definetly need to aford some u-gems seing as its like having a second pet that dosnt eat all your food
Secondly you will need to aford u-rings lv 40 is good go for 50 if you can mall go for 60 or 65 its defietly worth it(if you can find it)
You might need a sword like my colossus bone sword it addís some con, this is the equivlilent of having a sheild for cruz
Now you will need a JOE for more privileged people go for a good colossus sword or Death sword
Lv 70 frame is good same as 65 unseal butÖ if you cant find it go with 55 unseal (like I did untill i upgraded)
Paw and claw is increadable try geming them (thatís right more u-gems)
Find a good con pet if you cant get a lv 15 (caz no one sells) like me and just lv it to 20 or 30
or you can get a str pet also like me
Upgradeing is awsome and you sould do this last still

Stat Builds: you will want to fill con you should do this by lv 64 I did at 63 because I did this event that gave me a birthday cake so I got an extra stat point
Then you will want to get 36 agi(140 with zerk) or 68(140 passave) or 82 (210 with zerk[my new gole]) 
Then you go str
AFTER REBIRTH: go for 210 by then you should be able to do this

Skill: now you wana folow this chart the only mistake I made was doing a bit to much on howl maby shoulda left at lv 2 remember skills are up to preference so you can subsitute some stuff the only skills you NEED are bezerk slash and blood bull (and watever else is required for what you want)heres mine:

Now what you have all been waiting for Duh duh duh duuuuuuuuu
MY CARICTER: lv 76 almost 140 passave
Here he is his slashes and all that good stuff

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